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I’m a designer and technologist in Toronto, Canada. Right now I’m building Crowdwrite, a new kind of text editor for writing with the internet.

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This is a manifesto I have been working on with the @metagov_project community for a few weeks, especially since @GETDWeb Camp in August. It is a living document. Come join the conversation about


— Nathan Schneider (@ntnsndr) October 12, 2022

šŸŽØ How should we design online spaces for self-governance? šŸ—³ļø

We at Metagov have made a living manifesto, available today to read and modify, with the help of @crowdwrite.

Join the conversation here: https://t.co/WBgmUUXkLk

— The Metagovernance Project (@metagov_project) October 12, 2022

Super relevant to #exittocommunity processes https://t.co/COcDS0y5AT

— Exit to Community (@exittocommunity) October 12, 2022

A LIVING MANIFESTO@ntnsndr has written a living manifesto on self-governance with @metagov_project

~ anyone can contribute using @crowdwrite ~@gregsc1, one of the doc's stewards, has already added the living doc to the living resource that is https://t.co/gVatmxTd6n šŸ’–
1/ pic.twitter.com/ruR4vbMhP4

— gnosis guild šŸŖ (@GnosisGuild) October 18, 2022

Before that I led cross-functional software teams as the first Product Manager at Daylight, a low-code platform for turning cumbersome business processes into rewarding self-serve interactions. Millions of people use Daylight across banking, insurance and pharmacy.

Past collaborators

The Greenbelt Foundation
Institute Without Boundaries
The Centre on Drug Policy Evaluation
Design Tennis
Visualizing Impact
Department of Unusual Certainties

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